Computer Repair Taylorsville, KY

Computer Repair Taylorsville, KY

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A-Plus Shacklette's Computer Repair Taylorsville, KY

If you live in Taylorsville, Ky We are based in Fern Creek and so we can easily come directly to your home or office to service your computer or network at no extra charge.  We Have serviced many clients in Taylorsville, Fisherville, and J-Town along Taylorsville Rd. and out to Mt. Washington Hwy 44 and surrounding area for over 18 years.  We offer FREE pickup and Delivery and FREE estimates!

We are very familiar with all areas and roads of Taylorsville, Ky such as W. Main St. Hwy 44 Mt. Washington Rd.  Downtown, Taylorsville Lake Rd. Taylorsville Lake, Spencer County High School, Hwy 55, Salt River and all the other streets and neighborhoods. For All  Laptop and Desktop repair,  We can get to you very quickly as soon as you contact us and have your problems solved usually same day.  We can help you with Printers and E-mail issues too.

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A-Plus Shacklette's Computer Repair Taylorsville, Ky 502-608-5654

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