Computer Repair Simpsonville, KY

Computer Repair Simpsonville, KY

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A-Plus Shacklette's Computer Repair Simpsonville, KY

CALL 502-608-5654. Simpsonville, Ky is very close to us.  We can come directly to your home or office to service you computer or network at no extra charge.  We Have serviced 100's of clients in Simpsonville KY  and surrounding areas for over 18 years.

We are only about 15 min minutes away from Simpsonville, Ky and are very familiar with roads and areas such as Midland Trail, Hwy 60, Jeptha Creed Distillery, 7th St. Southside Elementary School, Science Hill Inn, Clear Creek, Shelbyville Rd. Smithfield Rd. Shelbyville Horse Show Hwy 55, Mt. Eden Rd. Ken-Tex BBQ Simpsonville, Ky and all the other streets and neighborhoods. For All Laptop and Desktop repair, We can get to you very quickly as soon as you contact us and have your problems solved usually same day. We can help you with Printers and E-mail issues too. We Also Service Shelbyville, Taylorsville, Fern Creek, and Jeffersontown.

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A-Plus Shacklette's Computer Repair Simpsonville, KY  502-608-5654

Services Offered:

Laptop Repair
Laptop Screen Repair
Virus and Spyware removal
Data Backup and Recovery
Printer repair or setup
Computer Networking
Wireless Router Setup and Security
Free Computer Diagnosis
Free Pickup & Delivery
New & Used Computers & Laptops


NEW Computer Setup 

Apple And MAC Repairs 

Computer Repair Simpsonville, KY


Just some of the services offered in Simpsonville Ky